Every minute is a gift

Yesterday Abris’ Godmother and I were talking. We were talking about how ignorant people are to how lucky they are. In general. We complain a lot about being tired, having a lot of work to do, not having anything good to put on, not liking something about ourselves or just being bored. She said at times like these she thinks of Abris. How her problems are so small compared to what this little man is going through.

And that made me think. It is true that we “heathy” people can’t even comprehend with the fact that things we take for granted requires hard work and dedication for others. To stand up, to sit up, to eat or drink alone. Abris has a smile on his face every single day, he is joyous and life just shines through him. There are no signs of all the struggle, treatments, the never-ending therapies he has gone through so far. Sometimes I even lose sight of how every day is a miracle. How that him being with us, filling our day with joy and light with every second we get to spend with him isn’t evident – but a gift. A gift that we have to cherish and be thankful for so that it can last long!

I suggest you think about this and spend as much time with your loved ones as you can…and smile a lot 🙂