Run so he can live!

Dear Everyone!


We’d like to thank all the participants, supporters, staff and sponsors for helping putting this event together!

Unfortunately because of the TAC Cseke-to run we had to start our race in the afternoon which turned a lot of you away from participating – so we decided we are do it again in September!

We aren’t disappointed though, almost 1 million HUF has been collected in our donation box!

We will soon put the new event up o Abris’ facebook page where we will be waiting for you with races and programs from the AM.


This event was supported by:


– The local government of the city of Tata


– Új kajakház ökoturisztikai központ

– Hangbé -hangtechnika

– Kangatraining

– Choko Kft – Szöllősi Péter

– Zöldség-gyümölcs bánya – Halász Róbert

– ÉDV Zrt

– Szárliget község önkormányzata – Mezei Ferenc Polgármester

– Aptiv Kft.

– DiniDesign

– Pomodoro Tatabánya

– Johnny Izing Photography és Johnny Izing masszázs

– Test-lélek masszázs

– Hegyi László Photography

– Iamart Cementlap Manufaktúra

– Big Fighters Team egyesület

– Handmade by Negre Zsuzsanna

– SZ V Fotó